Monthly donation

What is FriendOf4Watoto?

You support 4Watoto by means of a monthly fixed contribution. Thanks to permanent help from regular donors, called FriendsOf4Watoto, we as 4Watoto can take care of the children from financial stability. We can also start planning for the future.

You receive:

  • 1x per month a newsletter with the developments of 4Watoto
  • 1x per year the 4Watoto annual overview with all the in’s & out’s of that year
  • Updates on upcoming events & projects
  • Nice discounts on 4Watoto articles

Foster Parent*

If you become FriendOf4Watoto with an amount of € 100 or more, you have the option to “adopt” a child.

You will then receive monthly extra information about your foster child (adopted child) and thus the opportunity to have an extensive view
get into the developments your foster child is going through. An example of this is receiving the school report, drawing, or progress report.