We managed to remove the old house, upgrade the walls and cut down the trees. Some of the younger, more vulnerable kids have got a temporary home and the other ones are being looked after and fed regularly.


On the 9th of March I will return to Goma with a lot of clothes, shoes, cooking equipment and other necessary goods and we will finish up the house so we can bring our family of Watoto together.

Now, after a month in Goma our team can say with pride that we already made a lot of progress. The toiletpit, foundation, walls and almost the whole roof are finished. The roof will be poured in concrete on the 18th of april and after this it needs time to rest to become strong.
The electricians and plumber will continue in this time with their work.

We hope to welcome the kids inside the house on the 8th of may.

This can only be realised with your help!


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